Ghanaian appointed ambassador of GOA Institute of Management to Africa

By PR Team on Aug 24 in Technology, The Company.

Study abroad programs have long been focused in Europe & the USA, leaving out great opportunities on other continents, especially Asia and more precisely the country of India. In a move to change this narrative; The GOA institute of management has appointed Caroline Esinam as African ambassador; a role that will see her champion study opportunities at the GOA institué of management, to students all across Africa. Caroline Esinam Adzogble; a seasoned Educational consultant and a champion for better educational opportunities across Africa, adds this to her many achievements in the sector of education across the continent.

The role she says will come with scholarship opportunities for potential postgraduate students across Africa; A chance to further your education in a university that gives you first-hand opportunities to work and study at the same time. After 5 years of running educational consultancy services under her firm ‘IAES’ in Ghana, Caroline makes this new move under the International University Services; an educational firm based in Europe. The GOA institute of management; is a top-ranking postgraduate university in the GOA province of India.